AMOG – enhancing Australia’s supply chains


AMOG have been working at the cutting edge by combining sensor technology with engineering expertise to deliver solutions to challenging technical problems. Applying strong capabilities in data science and machine learning with specialised domain knowledge, AMOG can support clients to harness the power of Industry 4.0 to understand how their assets work.

AMOG and Omniflex have collaboratively developed Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) instrumentation for the mining industry which has broad applications across a diverse range of infrastructure and supply chains.

The initial technology was created through METS Ignited Collaborative Project funds and delivered a flexible, off-the-shelf monitoring solution that provides independent diagnostics, validation and oversight on the performance of critical assets.

In particular, the solution can be rapidly applied to complex networks of interconnected plant, such as a port, to understand the effect on both isolated pieces of equipment and the interdependency across the operation.

The sensor technologies provide monitoring of both the environment and the physical equipment operating within it, particularly critical in a marine port, providing a complete picture of what is occurring, in real-time.

The sensor technology is scalable to most mobile and fixed plan from pit to port in Australia’s resources sector and beyond.

Based on the success of the first pilot project, the business is commercialising and scaling up to meet global industry demand. This includes expanding production and certification, as well as testing and performance verification processes, to enable rapid adoption of this innovative digital technology.

Project Status


In Progress

Expected Impact

  • Supply chain optimisation
  • Significant effectiveness and efficiency gains
  • Improved health and safety outcomes
  • Improved equipment maintenance
  • Increased exports from Australian ports.


Expected Growth

$1-10 million per annum in revenue.


Expected JOBS

More than 10 full time equivalent roles.

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