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Crossing the commercialisation chasm with Australian innovation

What We Do

AIX is building on the success of the Industry Growth Centre program, providing industry access to Australia’s innovation ecosystem via commercially sustainable channels. The goal of AIX is to ensure Australia’s stranded research and innovations are translated into products and services, to serve global markets, delivered by Australian technology companies, from within our national economy.

Our Engagement Model

How to Work With Us

To provide industry access to Australia’s innovation ecosystem via commercially sustainable channels, AIX will:

  • Aggregate industry demand for Australian researchers
  • Identify and size the market potential for technology solutions and research outcomes
  • Facilitate supplier (vendor) partnerships for commercialising research
  • Establish commercial pathways for technologies stranded in primary industry supply chains
  • Improve access to industry grant funding and public funded research for technology vendors.

Our Services

How to Work With Us

Aggregating demand for technology and innovation within and across sectors, mapping innovation investment drivers, analysis of research programs and outcomes, technology readiness and maturity assessments, identifying technology partners for government investment programs. Market sizing by technology categories [Digital Technology, Robotics, Remote Ops, Communications, loT, Analytics]. International market assessments to increase the reach of Australian innovation ecosystem. Sourcing technology translation partners (vendors) to maximise reach of collaborative research programs.

Crossing the Chasm

AIX supports Australian technology companies to ‘cross the chasm’, productising and commercialising local innovation.

Our Vision for the Future

Delivery of innovation via Australian technology companies will accelerate local commercialisation; capitalising on the sustained investment into Australia’s research and innovation ecosystem for the benefit of our national economy.